5 Things You Should Be Doing Before 7am

Waking up at 7am might seem like a pipe dream to some. But a 10-minute addition to your morning routine is all that’s required to start your day off right.

Let’s make this simple:

Wake up & get up

The snooze button is so inviting. It’s always there for you; “Ok, you can have nine more minutes rest. And if that’s not enough, have another nine on the house, friend”. The snooze button is not your friend. You need to actually get up. Force yourself if you have to. Keeping your circadian rhythm (natural sleep cycle) functioning correctly is an integral part of staying energised throughout the day, and sleeping better throughout the night. A regular bedtime is one part of the equation, but waking up at the same time daily is greatly underestimated in keeping your circadian rhythm in check.

Drink Water

Each night, leave a full glass of water next to your bed. As soon as you wake up, drink it all. Drinking water first thing hydrates your body (skin, muscles, hair, and kidneys just to name a few!), kicks off your metabolism and helps your body flush out toxins. All this from just one glass of water!


I’m not saying you need to grab the sweatband and leg warmers… just get the blood flowing a bit. A simple bedroom body weight or stretch session is a perfect way to get the heart pumping, freshen the blood flow to the brain, move air across the lungs and increase endorphins.

Set yourself a simple 5 minute routine:

Day 1 – 5 x 10 standing squats

Day 2 – 5 x 10 push-ups

Day 3 – 5min yoga/stretch session

Day 4 – 5 x 10 sit-ups

Day 5 – 5 x 30sec planks (30sec rest)

Increase as required and aim for 100 reps, 5mins planking and 10mins yoga.


After some movement, it’s time to clear your mind and reset for the day ahead. Meditation doesn’t always mean incense, salt rocks, crystals and Nepalese flute music. It is simply some time to yourself, for yourself. Sit comfortably, clear all unnecessary thoughts and focus on your breathing for a few minutes. 5 minutes is all you need to bring your mental focus in. If you have time for more, take it! Just don’t meditate yourself back to sleep!


Look into the mirror and smile. Be Happy. It’s so simple, yet so easily missed. No matter what the day has in store for you, take this moment to be happy for no other reason than simply being happy.

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  • Great advice, especially the smile. I’m going to try to take a smile selfie each morning, just to get the day off to a good start.


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