Protein cookie recipe that will make you drool!

Low carb choc chip keto cookies



Not saying that this is the healthiest, naughtiest and tastiest choc chip cookie recipe ever.


But I challenge you to find one better ;)


This recipe has been perfected over a number of years and was created in the search for the perfect healthy(ish) snack that was low carb, low sugar, vegan option, gluten free and provided lots of good energy to smash out a workout or workday. 


Generally making 8 cookies and providing around 140 calories per cookie they will help keep you feeling full. They also only contain 4 grams of carbs per cookie and only 3 grams of sugar, which compared to normal choc chip cookies with over 15-20 grams is a massive win.





  1. Melt butter on stove or in microwave and set aside to cool.
  2. Combine dry ingredients in a bowl.
  3. Mix eggs with whisk into cooled butter.
  4. Stir wet mix into dry mix.
  5. Break into small amounts and flatten on a greased tray.
  6. Cook for 12 mins at 175 degrees. 
  7. Cookies are ready when slightly browned.
  8. Enjoy!!!


    • There’s only 4 grams of carbs per cookie and 3 grams of sugar. Most of this comes from the Dark chocolate, and will increase if milk chocolate is used instead :)

    • Can you tell me how many carbs per cookie please?


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