The top 3 healthiest smoothie recipes on earth!

1. The Morning Wake up Call

This smoothie is perfect for people who rely on their morning coffee/caffeine hit to spark up. Packed with Natural protein, 'The Morning Wake up Call' is an energy dense smoothie, that tastes like a mocha and will give you a good energy hit to kick off your day.

    1 cup Almond Milk (any milk or water will work)
    1 shot of Espresso (chilled) or tsp of instant coffee
    1 Handful of Ice Cubes (the more you put the thicker it will become)
    1/2 Frozen Banana (unfrozen is ok too)
    1 tsp good Peanut Butter or Almond Butter
    1 tbsp. Rolled Oats


      2. The Detox

      The detox is designed to be extremely high in antioxidants, nutrients and vegetables, without you even realizing. Still tasting awesome, the detox will help you feel more energized throughout the day, whilst providing you with all you need to recover from sickness or fight off infections. 

        1 cup Almond Milk or Water
        1 Handful of ice cubes
        1 Handful of Blueberries
        1/2 Frozen Banana
        1 Handful of Spinach
        1/4 of an Avocado
        1 tsp Flax Seeds
        1 tbsp Kefir or Greek Yoghurt


          3. The Post Workout 

          The post workout is specially formulated to ensure that your body is provided with loads of protein for muscle recovery, good carbohydrate for energy and quality fats for hormone production. This smoothie will leave you feeling full, satisfied and replenished.

            1.5 cup of your Milk of choice
            1 Handful of ice
            1 tsp Nut Butter
            1 Frozen Banana or 4 Dates
            1 tsp Honey
            2 tbsp Rolled Oats
            1 tsp Coconut oil 


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