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MHAWhey Protein Concentrate - Organic Clean 500g-1kg
MHAWhey Protein Concentrate - Organic Clean 500g-1kg

MHAWhey Protein Concentrate - Organic Clean 500g-1kg

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Our MHA whey plain is 100% pure Australian grass fed whey protein powder.

Ingredients: Sourced from pasture raised cows, this creates a product that is extremely nutrient dense and high in the full spectrum of amino acids.

Amino acids are the building blocks for proteins in the body. This helps to keep our muscles, skin, nails and other structures of the body strong and healthy.

MHA Whey Clean is for the easy pleased or adventurous health enthusiast with grand plans for superb home made smoothie combos. Add your own flavours and enjoy getting more whey for what you pay!

Why it's good for you:  MHA whey Plain is an excellent source of protein. Sourced from pasture dwelling dairy cows and 100% soy free. Whey protein is proven to enter the blood stream faster than any other protein source. This can be advantageous to athletes and fitness enthusiasts seeking a faster recovery from exercise. High protein foods such mha whey plain stimulate the hormone leptin which increases satiety. This feeling of fullness is a great benefit to stop people from craving simple carbohydrates that raise insulin and increase fat storage.

How to Use: Blend with water or milk to enjoy as a protein shake, add to your favourite smoothie or raw cooking recipes.



Grass Fed Whey Protein Concentrate.


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