Why use a protein powder?
Protein powders are a great addition to your diet as they are an easy on the go snack when you are unable to prepare or obtain real food. Protein powders are also beneficial as you are able to obtain a dense source of protein, which can increase feelings of fullness and assist in muscle recovery. Adding protein powder to your diet can substitute for eating carbohydrate rich foods, which are shown to contribute to weight gain.

How are MHA protein powders different from any other protein powder?
My Health Addiction is created using only natural high quality ingredients that are chosen because they serve a purpose and have a positive effect on the consumers health. Most protein powders are made using poor quality protein (think cage eggs versus free range). They will also use fillers (milk powder), artificial sweeteners (Sucralose, aspartame) which can damage gut health and artificial or "natural" flavours, both of which can contain more than 100 different chemicals, including preservatives, solvents and other substances. Bottom line is we create products that are as close to real food as possible, out of ingredients that will have a positive impact on your bodies health.

Is whey protein safe to use when pregnant?
Research has shown that whey protein has no negative impact on the health of either mother or baby during pregnancy when taken at the recommended dosages. 

Will protein powder make me fat?
No, protein is an essential part of the human diet. Studies show that by increasing protein intake, there is increased satiety (you are less hungry) and thus you can actually lose weight.

Will protein powder make me bulky and give me big muscles?
No, protein is an essential part of the human diet, found in many foods. Protein can assist in recovery from exercise and in building muscle, but only in response to resistance training. You will not bulk up and get big muscles by adding protein powder to your everyday diet. If anything it will help you lose fat and become more defined.

Is your packaging recyclable?
Yes, the plastic scoops we use are re-useable and recyclable, the tubs are recyclable and our brown protein bags are completely biodegradable.